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    Data Updates & Certification


    If you have address changes or questions about your Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregation's listing, please contact the Data Administrator in Information Technology Services at?data_services@uua.org, or (617) 948-4654.

    Certification of Membership for UUA Congregations - Due Monday, Feb. 3, 2020?

    Each year, all UUA member congregations are?required to submit their annual Certification of Membership report online by the end of business on February 1.? (In 2020, February 1 falls on a Saturday, so the deadline will be Monday, February 3, 2020). The report is available each year beginning in mid-November.? You may file the report online, and review the Certification Worksheet for congregations, when you?log in?to the congregation's Data Services account online.

    For more information about congregation certification, please contact Data Services at?certification@uua.org, (617) 948-4654.

    For information about?delegate credentialing?for General Assembly, please contact the General Assembly Office at?gaoffice@uua.org, or (617) 948-4209.

    Updating Membership List & Staff Names

    Congregations must manage their list of member names and addresses (for quarterly delivery of UU World magazine to those members) and staff/leader information (which appears in the online Directory) throughout the year using the my.UUA.org account system.?

    Authorized users at congregations may log in to the congregation's shared account using the 4-digit ID number for the congregation as the username, and the case-sensitive account password. ?(If you previously registered your own username for MyUUA access, you may still log in to the account with your personal username too!)??

    Congregational Membership in the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)?

    If you are a congregation that is interested in?membership in the UUA, please contact the Office of Congregational Life for more information:?conglife@uua.org.


    If you have degree or address changes or general questions about your listing, please contact the Administrative Assistant to Director of Ministry and Professional Leadership at?ministry@uua.org, or (617) 948-6406. If you have questions or changes related to settlement or current/previous position listings, please contact the Transitions Assistant at?transitions@uua.org?or (617) 948-6408.

    Related Organizations

    If you have questions about becoming an Associate Member or Independent Affiliate of the UUA, or have general questions about being listed as a related organization on our website, please contact the Office of the Executive Vice President at?organizations@uua.org, or (617) 948-4303.

    Data Requests

    We offer resources to member congregations, related organizations, districts, and UUA committees. We collect data from UUA member congregations including the mailing addresses of its members (for sending UU World magazine) and the statistical and membership totals supplied by congregations annually during Certification of Membership.

    Data Services also provides mailing lists and data to any member congregation, district or related organization for, but not limited to, the promotion of their sponsored events and selected materials, the cultivation of relationships with their constituencies and the calculation of growth analysis.

    UUA committees,?UUA affiliates, and other related organizations can order mailing lists and other information?at the?Data Services Request Center.


    The Office of Data Services collects data on ministers, districts, congregation members, UU World subscribers, congregation staff, and elected officers. This data is vital—it is published in the Unitarian Universalist Association Directory and analyzed at the district level. Only membership and religious education enrollment totals for all Unitarian Universalist congregations are released to the media; no individual congregation's data is made public.


    Please read through our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Congregational Updates

    Update member and lay leader information, certify membership numbers, and designate delegates for General Assembly using the Data Services System.

    What's New?

    January 10—Deadline for congregations to edit membership list in time for Spring?2017?UU World?magazine mailing.