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    This list includes every page or product from UUA.org, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with #COVID19.

    • Membership Orientation During COVID-19

      Alice King

      From Better Together
      During these pandemic times, our congregation’s Membership Committee was looking for a way to receive and welcome new members.
    • From the UUA President: We Continue to Nurture the Bonds of Care and Love

      Susan Frederick-Gray

      From Press Releases
      So many of you, and your communities as a whole, have done so much to nurture life and care and hope in this time.
    • Ten Deep Breaths

      CB Beal

      From LeaderLab
      In the middle of a pandemic when all of us are experiencing extra pressure, confusion, and and fear, as well as loss and grief, we need to be clear.
    • Multi-Platform: Choose Your Own Adventure

      UUA Congregational Life Staff Group

      From LeaderLab
      Here are some key questions for your congregational leadership as you balance the the needs of those meeting in person and those needing to meet online.
    • Reparative Imagination

      Anthony Cruz

      From Braver/Wiser
      During my chaplaincy, I found that many people could not imagine being fundamentally whole.
    • Multi-Platform Resources
      From LeaderLab
      Resources to give you frameworks, starting points, tips and tools to help your congregation in today's environment of virtual and in-person connection.
    • In-Person, Online or Both? Which Direction Will We Go?

      Evin Carvill Ziemer

      From Better Together
      Many congregations have been hoping to do a form of “hybrid” or "worship as a way of getting back together in person once we near the end of the pandemic.
    • Keep Singing

      Erin J. Walter

      From Braver/Wiser
      I experience the creative impulse as living just under the surface of the daily grind: tugging; imploring, When do we all get to sing together again?
    • Grief Support Groups

      Sarah Gibb Millspaugh

      From LeaderLab
      Guidance and resources for building a grief support ministry in your congregation during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • December Relational Health Advisory

      Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe

      From LeaderLab
      Friends, we are in the heart of an overwhelming storm. None of us are operating at full capacity. Most all of us are exhausted. Here is some advice.

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