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    International Justice and Action: UU Office at the United Nations
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    Intern at the UU United Nations Office

    Interns in the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office

    The Unitarian Universalist?United Nations Office (UU-UNO) was established in 1962 to strengthen the United Nations’ efforts to eliminate war, discrimination and poverty, and to promote a world community founded on the ideals of partnership, justice and peace. Through targeted education, advocacy and outreach, we engage Unitarian Universalists in support of international cooperation and the work of the United Nations.

    Our internship program provides young people an exciting opportunity to learn about the United Nations and to work in support of its?efforts to eradicate injustice?and promote human rights around the world. Interns working at the UU-UNO conduct research, build partnerships within the UN and NGO community, work on our communications, and develop resources.

    Throughout the year, we engage interns as active participants and collaborators in our work. We depend heavily on their contributions to our LGBTQ/SOGI Human Rights, Women’s Initiative on Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights, Racial Justice, and Climate Justice?programs.

    Internship Opportunities